Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspiration - Online Advertisements

Another source I have used for inspiration, are online advertisements for homes in my area. Websites such as REIWA and realestate.com.au are wonderful; they display plenty of photos for each listing and have excellent search functionality.

Tip: If I tailored my search to newly established suburbs/estates, particularly those close to or containing display villages, I would find many "new" house photos that are in line with the current designs offered by the various building companies in my area.

The benefit of searching for these kinds of images, as compared to websites like Houzz.com or builder's websites, is that you generally see "real" pictures. Real pictures are those that have not been photo-shopped into an unrealistic/perfect state representative of a building that no one has lived in.

Real pictures show you affordable fittings, fixtures and furniture, rather than displaying budget-less designer pieces (e.g. gas fires, stone features, spa's, etc.) used to create the "WOW factor.”

Real pictures also show you the more practical aspects of home design, for example the use of privacy glass in the bathroom. Display homes generally use clear glass in the bathrooms to let in more light and make the room seem bigger.

A real bathroom, note the use of privacy glass
A display bathroom, note the use of clear glass.

If you have the time, take a look at some online advertisements, they really do help you to get a feel for how your finished home will look.

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