Thursday, June 23, 2011

Milestone: Land Settlement

After a few hiccups with the ash cloud causing delays with our bank being ready for settlement (nearly 1 week overdue) and fears of late fees, our block has finally settled!

Late 2010, we secured a lovely little 17 x 32 metre (560 square metres) block of land in a new estate north of Perth. It seems small compared to 800+ square metres on which I grew up. Apparently, there will be some parks nearby with walking and cycle paths, so the dogs should not be too upset with having a smaller backyard if they get to go explore these paths daily.

House wise, this block is a reasonable size. It would have been nice if it was 18 meters wide, but 17 meters will do. It does not leave much space up the sides of the house. At the narrowest, there is 1.2 meters to the fence. I hope that it will not be too narrow a space to install a gate through which I can wheel the rubbish bins.

Our block showing the proposed position of the house

A month ago, we visited out to the site to take a few happy snaps of our block to be. We were pleased to see that we have a reasonably clear frontage, apart from a public footpath. Our neighbours, to the left and right, each have a storm drain.

Front view: The bushland you can see behind, I believe, is going to be part of a park.

Side view: You can see how the blocks are stepped; it should add some character to the street.

I cannot wait to taking photos of our house as it is being built.

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