Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspiration - What We Have Now

One of the largest influences/sources of inspiration is our current home. For the last three years, we have lived in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment built by one of Perth’s premium apartment builders in 2008.

When we decided it was time to move into something larger, we looked at pre-established homes, but struggled to find something that met the budget without needing significant renovation to match the style and standard of our current home. Building quickly became our only option.

Mirrors make a normally
small room appear larger
For that reason, when it came time to personalise the Rendezvous design, we began by incorporating everything we love about our “little box” in the city.

One of the first things you notice when walking through our apartment is the mirrors. Each bathroom has a lovely big mirror and each of the built in robes have mirror sliding doors.

Mirrors are a wonderful interior design tool, especially in small spaces where they help to enlarge the room by reflecting space and light.

Sliding doors are great. You save so much space by not having to allow room for the door to open. Surprisingly, upgrading the builder’s standard Redicoat doors to mirrored sliding doors did not cost as much as I would have expected.

What did surprise me was the cost to “upgrade” the bathroom mirrors from the builder’s standard framed mirror, to frameless with no visible fixings. I am glad I did not ask for a bevelled edge!

Our apartment mirrors, in addition to being frameless and with no visible fixings, sit flush with the vanity bench top. I love this look. People often ask whether not having a splash back means that the mirror requires more cleaning. Personally, I would not say that it does. We find that any overspray from the taps extends well above the height of a standard splashback anyway.

Our frameless ensuite mirror and
granite vanity bench top
Something that does require extra cleaning, are the black granite kitchen and vanity bench tops. I love these bench tops! Alas, as mentioned in a previous post, we will not be having granite in our new home *sob*.

The final thing I adore about our apartment is absence cornicing. Unfortunately, it would have been too big of a change remove the cornice from the design.

What elements of your current home would you incorporate into the next?

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