Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colour Dilemma - External Colour Selection

Just when we thought that we had reached the end of the "design and selection" tunnel, we have reached one more stumbling point - we have failed developer approval because we chose one colour for our front fa├žade:

“A minimum of two materials or colours must be used in the primary street elevation (excludes windows and garage doors). “

To be honest, I do not see why the garage cannot be taken into account. Garage doors offer a significant contribution to a given house’s street appeal. This is especially so in those cases where it is painted in a feature colour or is constructed using a feature (expensive) material.

Our current external colour selection.
I can understand the developer not wanting the estate to appear boring, but I think they need to be careful, too many colours and materials can easily look tacky and become out dated.

Do you think our front facade is boring? I would have termed it conservative, perhaps a little ‘traditional' compared to some of the modern houses with lots of small square windows and architectural pillars. However you describe it, I just hope it does not become old fashioned.

If you were us, and were forced to add an additional colour to the front rendering of our house, what would you paint and what colour would you use? I have included a picture of our front elevation which has the different renderable areas marked, so that we are on the same page regarding terminology.

The various sections of our front elevation

So far, we have received the following suggestions (thankyou) from the lovely people at the homeone forum and Decorating Forum. What do you think?

Big shout out to mimi23, Anna and kdgirl. Thankyou for your suggestions!


  1. Hey darkbyte!

    I like the second image above, that is what I was going to suggest!

    Why do developers always have to spoil our fun?

  2. Thankyou M! I am leaning towards that one. If we dont like it, it shouldnt cost the world to repaint

  3. What a shame, and how short-sighted of the developers. I agree, the use of different colours and various building materials will one day be attributed to the time period, IMHO.

    Anyway, my vote is for the first pic - it has a much more, overall balanced look. FWIW!

  4. Thankyou Penny! I agree balance is good.

    We are going to go for a combination of the first and second images. Will post the final picture soon.


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