Monday, November 14, 2011

A Small Squawk In What Was Otherwise A Very Quiet Blog

2008 Gingerbread house
Lately there has not been a lot of action on the building front. To be honest, I have enjoyed the peace and quiet. It has given me time to unwind and indulge in a few long neglected hobbies. With Christmas just around the corner, I think the only house building that will be happening is on those constructed with gingerbread.

Today I received the retaining wall inspection report that I was waiting for. It turns out that there was some confusion about who was going to be sending it to me. This means that I will be able to submit our application for site works to the council.

2010 Chocolate Arrangement

Things will go back to being quiet until council approves our application. During that time, I will order our granite basins and chase our cavity sliding door representative whom I have not heard from since we went to our Pre-Start meeting in early June. I hope it has arrived ok!

In other news, our composite sink should be arriving late this week/early next week. I cannot wait to see it. I promise I will upload photos as soon as it arrives!

That is all for the moment, time to turn my attention to gingerbread houses. I have not made a gingerbread house since 2008. I have been dabbling with gingerbread sleighs and chocolate displays (trees, snowmen, presents, soldiers, etc). I am in two minds about whether to make one this year, or do a simpler cookie tree. It has been a busy year and I am feeling a bit tired/lazy.

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  1. So glad you finally got your hands on the paperwork you needed. I'm so over people not being able to do their jobs and communicate properly!!!

    Good luck with the next stage. Hopefully Council is speedy speedy!



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