Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bathroom Tapware Installation

Long time no post :/ Apologies everyone. I will do a bit of back posting so we can all catch up on what has been going on.

I thought I had better share a very important photo - my basins! It is so good to finally see one sitting on the Essa Stone top paired with its tap. I really like the square taps with the rough cut stone. I was a bit worried about the choice, but I think it works. I cannot wait to see how good it will look when the mirror goes in!

Shanxi Black Dianna Basin from

While I was on site, I saw that the plumber had also installed the shower heads in the ensuite. I like the way that the rain tile shower head sits on the ceiling, it is very discrete and the best part is that you do not have to agonize over the mounting height!

WaterTile Rain Shower Panel by Kohler and
and Kubus shower rail by Phoenix Tapware.

On the downside, the reason for my visit was to look at an issue with my sink. Unfortunately, when the plumber was tapping out the holes for the kitchen sink mixer the sink cracked *sob*.

The plumber has been really good about it and will get me a new one, I am just so sad for him that it happened in the first place. He followed the instructions to the letter and it still broke :( I have contacted Abey to see whether it is just a case of it being dud sink, we will know more on Monday.


On the whole, everything is going really well. The electricians are installing the extractor fans and other bits and bobs, and the plumber still has the toilets and a couple of taps to sort out. After that the painter has to come through, appliances need to go in, the ensuite bath, shower screens, mirrors, hot water and solar power systems and a few other odds and sods.


  1. The sink looks amazing!

    Look forward to seeing more :)


  2. I absolutely love your basins - they remind me of the flinstones, in a really cool way haha! Very different and unique that's for sure. What a shame about the kitchen sink. Rain shower is awesome, friends of ours have one but in a bath shower with no screen and their bathroom floor gets soaked from the water splashing everywhere, shouldn't happen with yours though being enclosed in a shower.

  3. Thankyou ladies!

    @B: It will be good to get some more photos when the bath is in and the electrical is finished and the place is cleaned up a bit. All the other rooms are pretty boring.

    @EM: lol at flintstones comment! I was thinking about going without a showerscreen for a while, but the electrician had the last word on that. Its a shame her floor gets soaked, you wouldnt think rain falling down would splash so much :/

  4. hope that you could finish it, its getting more awesome..i love the sink its so cute


  5. Johnny Araan the handymanAugust 16, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    I really like the look of your sink so far! I'll stay tuned for the completion of it :)

  6. The basin is really unique regarding the design. Feel so sad though about the broken sink. Your'e plumber was kind enough to replace it.

    Chris from Sydney plumber

  7. I really like the basin, the design is cute.



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