Friday, August 12, 2011

Selection - Freestanding Bath

Ever since I was a little girl, I always said to myself: "When I build a house, I want a staircase, a chandelier, and a freestanding bath." Oh the naivety of youth. I may not be getting the staircase or the chandelier, but I am getting a freestanding bath!

Freestanding baths come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials (and prices!). The permutations are seemingly endless: there are big, small and medium baths; round, oval, rectangular and “egg” shaped baths; metal, stone, acrylic and composite baths. They all feel different!

The most common baths are medium sized acrylic, in either an oval or a square shape. Personally, I prefer the oval acrylic baths, it suits my narrow shoulders and are not to slippery.

A beautiful, affordable "egg" shaped bath from The Bathroom Outlet.

Selection of rectangle and oval free standing baths offered by Marbletrend

A lovely stone bath from Bathroom D├ęcor and Tiles

Choosing the correct bath is no mean feat. I strongly recommend sitting in the bath before you buy it. Time and time again, I fell in love with the way a bath looked only to find it as comfortable as one I had tried previously :(

Occasionally, a bath would tick all the boxes for look, feel and price, but be too big for the spot we had planned for it *sob*. Alas, no Luminous for me.

Me sitting in a Marbletrend Merge at my local Tradelink

After jumping in and out of at least 30 baths in Osborne Park, I settled on the Kado Lure Oval Bath from Reece. As far as acrylic baths go, it is not cheap, however, its seamless design is a winner, and for a 168 cm "midget" it was very comfortable.

Kado, Lure Oval Bath


  1. Aaaah, the elusive freestanding bath. The one I want is about three times as much as I want to spend, so I'm going without.

    Glad to see you research paid off and you've found the right bath for you. Enjoy!!!!

  2. :( bummer. What type of bath was it?

    I am really looking forward to having a propper bath. Steaming hot bath, freezing cold drink.... heavenly!

  3. Love the bath you've chosen!!!

    We didn't test drive ours before we purchased it... :( ooops :(


  4. Thankyou! It is my spoil.

    I am sure your bath will be fabulous!


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