Monday, August 8, 2011

Selection - Toilet Suite

Builder's standard:  
Caroma Profile 4 Connector Suite
The WC/Powder Room is one of the most important rooms in the house (you would be lost without it). Unfortunately, it appears to have the least amount of attention and budget allocated to it. I am guilty of this. One thing I did remember to do was upgrade the toilet suite.

The toilet suite that comes as standard with the Rendezvous is not terrible, but it is beautiful either. When you have paid so much attention to the fixtures and fittings in the other rooms, I felt that the standard toilet suite was disappointing.

Besides the look of the "hump" at the rear of the toilet, connector and close-coupled toilet suites have one major drawback: cleaning. When cleaning, this “hump” is easily forgotten, especially when you are in a rush.

The "hump" at the rear of the toilet is
easily forgotten when cleaning
 For these reasons, we decided to install a wall faced toilet suites in the WC and Powder room.

Whilst touring Perth’s bathroom stores, I was amazed at the wide selection of toilet suites. The humble loo can look quite attractive these days. Prices vary considerably, so it is worth shopping around. It is important to remember that even though the majority of toilets have 4 star water ratings, make sure you double check, especially with some of the cheaper models.

We nearly purchased an Axa Uno Close Coupled Toilet Suite from Reece. It is an attractive, water efficient toilet suite. However, having to go to Reece for spare parts was a negative, as was the price tag and additional cost to install a non-standard item.

Axa Uno Close Coupled Toilet Suite

In the end, we settled upon a Caroma Metro Wall Faced Toilet Suite. Style wise, the Metro is not as attractive as the Axa Uno. However, the cost to upgrade from a Caroma Profile 4 connector suite to the Metro wall faced suite was very reasonable. I could not have purchased and installed the toilet suites any cheaper than the price offered by Ventura.

Yet again, another WC/Powder room has had its budget slashed :/

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