Monday, April 16, 2012

Update - Brickwork

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Easter. We certainly did, it is amazing how many Frequent Flyer points you can accumulate by using your credit card to pay deposits on things for the house!

We popped past the site yesterday and took a couple more photos. It is amazing how quickly the brick is laid! The builder is expecting to have the exterior brickwork completed this week; the majority of the interior done next week; and, all the odds and sods completed by 3 weeks from today! Time to organise our first building inspection!

We have a garage shell! And a wall.
Piles of bricks

Close up of my custom ensuite window. It is a shame that there will be a fence blocking that view.


  1. Looking good! Pity about losing the view, it's always a sad day when people start building around you!!!


    1. Thankyou. We are lucky that we don't have people around us yet. We just had something through from next door asking if they can build their garage wall on our side of the shared the retaining wall. Building on the wall is very common around here (we have done it), but you generally keep it on your half! I am not sure of what I think about their garage wall replacing part of the fencing.


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