Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update - More Brickwork

A few photos from today. The exterior brickwork is not yet complete, however given that we had at a good day of rain this week, the bricklayers came close to their target!

The front of our house. A couple of rows of bricks are missing along with the portico/veranda pillars.
The left side of the house, which was virtually non existent the last time we visited.
Our sunken theater.

Kitchen windows.
Servery windows and alfresco pillars.
The sliding doors from the dining room out onto the alfresco.


  1. Hope the brickkies made lots of progress this week <3


    1. It feels great. I hope they make some good progress too, but unfortunately its going to be a wet week. The environmentalist in me loves the rain, but the home owner in me wishes it would only rain on weekends.. lol


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