Friday, June 22, 2012

Update - Base Cabinetry

An impromptu lunch gathering with mum resulted in a quick visit to the house. To be honest, I did not expect to see anything new due to the tiles being lat, but I was pleased to see the kitchen cabinets installed.

I managed to snap a few photos by pressing my iphone up to the windows. Overall, I am pleased. It is not 100% what I wanted, due to the interaction between cornicing and corner cupboard doors. If I had realised that cornicing would present such an issue, I would have extended the appliance cupboard roller door to the ceiling and done away with the offending overhead cabinet.

This is another example of needing to check every single line on your plans, even the little lines that do not look like much, can end up heartbreaking. So much for floor to ceiling cabinetry *sob*.

The question is, do we run cornice above the cabinets, or leave it as is?

View towards the theatre

Right side of kitchen bench showing fridge/freezer recess

View from the dining room

View from the servery windows, showing the appliance cupboard (yet to be installed)

I also managed to grab a picture of the laundry. The hutches sitting on top of the bench top are for the washer and dryer.

Laundry as seen through the door handle hole


  1. It's looking amazing <3

    For consistency, I would run a cornice above your overheads too. But I think it looks fine as it is :)


  2. Yeah I would stick cornice up there as well I think it would be more noticeable not having it up there. Kitchen is looking great! What are your benchtops going to be?

  3. Hello again :)

    Wasn't sure if you'd check back on my blog so I thought I'd reply here as well :)

    We got the desk from Freedom. It's 120x60cm.



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