Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update - Lockup

Arriving on site and fining your house locked up is a wonderful, yet disappointing feeling. We were not exactly sure when lockup would occur due to the heavy rain we have been receiving for the last two weeks. It looks like the weather has not held us up at all. I now find myself figuring out new ways to photograph the house, using door knob holes and squeezing the camera in through open awning windows.

As far as the schedule goes, sanitary-ware is being fitted on Monday and the cabinets go in on Thursday. We have not heard anything about our tile meeting yet. I assume it is happening soon?

Hallway as seen from my room

Guest bedroom. Love those doors!

The font entrance hall, as viewed through the door knob hole.

Lockup! Nothing like seeing a pair of aqua doors

Lockup, viewed from the left side


  1. Hmm I posted here the other day but it disappeared?? I love love love your keyhole shot :D

    What bricks did you use and what colour will the render be?

    1. Good question, it is a 2 course Brikmakers brick, I am not sure exactly what it is, it might be trealla limestone.

      The render will be a combination of windspray and shale grey, we originally wanted it all to be shale grey but the developer's guidelines said that we had to use two render colours, which we aren't thrilled with. The garage and front doors are going to be windspray to match the roof.

      re key hole: Thankyou, I love keyhole shots. Once you hit lockup its amazing how inventive you get when taking photos!


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