Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update - Colorbond Moment

Just a quick post for today: the roof is on! It is all coming along. Most of the internal render is complete as well as the plumbing. Next steps will be the windows, doors, ceiling and plaster. It looks like we might be locked out soon!

Front View: Our Colorbond Moment
Side/Rear View: Our Colorbond Moment

The underside of the roof. Its a pretty big space!
My kitchen & I

The plumbing supervisor Ella


  1. It's a real house!!! Looking great, DB. It's so interesting to see the different (to what I'm used to) way things are done over there.


    1. It is indeed! Its nice to walk through and imagine where everything is going to go!

      It is amazing how differently the two sides of this country build houses! Then again, they seem like two different countries in terms of climate!

  2. Hello!! Love your page! I'm building with Ventura at the moment and building the same house as you! But I think u r about 2 weeks ahead of us!!!
    love to see your comments!!!
    Your house is looking good!! So very exciting eh :)

    1. Hello! Aww thankyou! It is definitely exciting, quite a learning experience.

      Awesome to see another Rendezvous! What changes have you made to yours? Do you have a blog for your build?

      A funny story, the house over the back fence from us is a Rendezvous as well.

    2. Hey!!! Yeah we have such. Beatiful house!!! How very exciting it is... Ventura do make good houses... Have you had much luck with them?? We started off bad oir pre start lady was bad!! But now our house is looking good so it's all worth it!!
      we have flipped our house like yours.... Not many changes... Unfortunately we couldn't have the flash portico so we had to extend our rooms and just have a Varenduh... Where r u situated at? Your council say no to portico not attached too house?? Silly council!!!!!
      We should be going to lock up soon... Yay!!!! We work away so we don't get to see our house as much as you do... Your lucky!!!
      Have they gave you a date yet u should get key hand over??
      Really enjoying your blog... I don't have one :( I should but no time really!!!!

    3. We do indeed! It is very exciting, my cabinets go in today! So far Ventura have been absolutely brilliant, our site super and client liaison are fabulous.

      We don't have a date yet. Our tiles are holding us up because the store didn't keep enough on hand. The tiler wants to have all of the tiles from the same batch (bless him), so we have to wait until early July, but that is ok.

      The council was a bit funny about setbacks, they took the measurements from the front door to the curb, rather than the edge of the portico/veranda so we had to apply for an exemption.

      We are north of the river, where are you?

  3. Sweet it will move really fast now!!!
    We south of the river!!!

    Well I'll keep looking at updates!!!


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