Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update - Shower-ware Shopping

The last thing I expected to do this weekend was go buy tap ware. I must admit, I probably should have guessed that any wall mounted tap ware would be needed before anything that is installed on top of a cabinet. When I originally queried the date for when I would need to start supplying tap ware, I was told 12+ weeks from the start of the build. It turns out; I need to start supplying items on Monday!

Thankfully, the majority of items we have chosen are stocked locally (I checked a few weeks ago), so picking bits and pieces up did not prove to be great a problem. Except for the floor mounted bath filler, this was a special order item and should arrive late next week.

I am ashamed to admit, this is some expensive tap ware. We could have saved thousands by buying almost identical tap ware from China, but after looking at some examples that had been on display for a long time; I could see some corrosion around some of the joints and started to feel a bit loose.

After dragging my other half around half a dozen bathroom stores, he decided on the Kubus range by Phoenix Tapware from Reece, whom unfortunately do not offer discounts to the public. If I had my time again, I would look at typically more expensive brands, for example Gessi, which are offered by chains such as Tradelink whom are generally more than happy to strike a deal. Lesson learned.

I must admit, I was very pleased with the quality of the phoenix tap ware, especially the shower rail which is completely made of metal, unlike the crappy one in our apartment that needs to be replaced :/ Anyway, here are a couple of photos:

Shower mixer
Rail shower and mixer
The hand shower comes in a protective bag!


  1. Great choices, DB! Isn't it funny how sometimes you think you have all the time in the world, and the builders are just sitting waiting for you!! (Other times, of course, you are the one kept waiting like the builder has all the time in the world!)


    1. I completely agree! Since starting the build I have been watching a lot of Grand Designs, it is so true, you can never come in on time, on budget and have exactly what you want - one of these always lets you down no matter how much you try to prepare.

      Its all good fun though.


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