Friday, May 4, 2012

Update - I See Roof Timbers

Our roof timbers have been delivered! Surprisingly, we have not met our site supervisor yet. I would have though by now we would have. I should have asked the office for his contact details instead of accepting 'we will pass that along.'

Progress on the build has stalled while we wait for our cavity sliding door to be installed. I always knew this door was going to be a problem. It is one of the 'grand design' features of our house. If there is anything I have learned from that show, it is that anything 'bespoke' will always manage to cause problems somewhere along the line, especially when there are rough estimates for delivery time and poor communication.

We are due to meet our site supervisor on Wednesday. I still need to book our private building inspection. I need to give the building inspector 3-4 days notice. The office said to organise it after meeting the supervisor, but I wonder whether that will be leaving things too late.

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