Sunday, May 13, 2012

Update - Roof Timbers

Today, I popped to the site after taking mum a mother's day lunch of potato and leek soup, fresh German rye grain bread and a gluten free chocolate mud cake. To my surprise the roof timbers, under eves and fascias are up. This build is trucking along. The color bond roof is due sometime in the next two weeks and the electricians should be coming in next week.

As usual, here are a couple of photos. The rooms are starting to look smaller now that there is a sense of where the ceiling will go :/

Kitchen drop ceiling


Master bedroom and ensuite

His room


Rear of the house, showing the back of the dining area and kitchen

My little car visiting it's soon to be new home!


  1. Your roof is really starting to take shape! The entire construction is starting to take on the feel of a house now that the timbers are up and forming the contours of the roof. I can only imagine your excitement! Wait until the actual roofing material is installed already. It will really start to look like a home then!

  2. Is The Rendezvous complete? From the looks of things, I’m sure the house would look amazing! The roof timbers do look sturdy. And aside from the protection they will provide, the roof wood will make it look like the ideal ‘warm and cozy’ home. I think the contractor really did a great job with it. Keep us posted!


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