Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update - Gyprock

Today, I left work and decided to race the sunset to our house. According to the plumber, the ceilings are up and I just had to have a look at them. They are nowhere near finished but we can now see and feel the different ceiling heights.

It is interesting to see the boundaries between the kitchen and dining area ceilings. I think it makes an interesting space. I never noticed it in the display home, then again, how often do you look at the ceilings in display homes?

Kitchen drop ceiling

One of our favourite features in the display home was the theatre with its bifold windows and feature bulkheads. You can have a field day designing lighting for this room. The display home had starlights installed in these bulkheads. I do not think we will do anything that fancy, but choosing a feature wall colour and deciding whether to paint the bulkhead will be a headache in itself.

Feature bulkheads in the theatre

Another ‘wow’ feature of this home is the entry hall recess. I am looking forward to installing two rows of starlights. Looking at that photo, I wonder how hard it would be to install LED strip lighting, keeping in mind that there will be cornicing installed in the recess :/

Entry hall recess

Speaking of cornicing, look what is waiting in the garage to be installed next week!

The cornice has arrived!

Whilst walking around, I have noticed one oddity. The built in robe that has a standard internal door attached has a lower ceiling level than those that will have sliding doors installed. It is not a big thing, but it just seems weird to me.

Bedroom 4 built in robe (left) has a lower ceiling than bedroom 3 (right).

According to the office, we will reach lockup in two weeks. I will miss being able to visit the site whenever we want. Next visit will be on the weekend. It will be interesting to see what else has been done.


  1. I guess this is already finished. I am looking forward for the finished view with proper and net gyprock installation.Thanks a lot!


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